The historic Heilig-Meyers Furniture Store at 30th & El Cajon Blvd. closed down in 2000 when the company filed for bankruptcy.

Like a phoenix, the aptly-named Renaissance at North Park rose from the ashes. Incorporating parts of the furniture store’s architecture and reclaimed glass blocks from the original storefront, we helped develop a new, high-profile mixed-use development in one of San Diego’s most up-and-coming neighborhoods.

Consisting of 96 units over three stories, this affordable housing complex specifically for seniors resides over a level of retail space and a common area at street level. Beneath it all sits almost a full one acre of underground parking.

We’re particularly proud of our work at Renaissance, providing a community center, lots of easily accessible business locations both for neighbors and as shopping destinations, and solid, quality housing in an historic neighborhood with a solid ethnic mix that doesn’t often see these kinds of results.